Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Books Set in a Country That’s Not Your Own

This was hosted by Something of the Book who created this tag out of a love for lists. Now Geeky Galaxy is taking over the tag. There are different topics for us all to be able to take part and you can find the prompts here. There isn’t a specific number of favourites so it’s entirely up to you how many you share.

So as I live in the UK I will share some books that I read and loved set elsewhere:

Ayesha At Last – This is set in a small community in Canada and desi culture is an important part of the story.

When Dimple Met Rishi – It’s set in the US but Indian culture is also integral to the story.

Other Words for Home – This is set in two different places, in Syria and the US. It’s the story of the MC journey when she has to leave Syria because it’s unsafe for her to live there.

The Weight of our Sky – This is set in Malaysia in 1969 during a period of riots that took place.

All American Muslim Girl – Again it’s set in the US but also includes Syrian and Circassian culture which is an important part of the story.

Love From A to Z – While the beginning is set in the US, the majority of the book is set in Doha.

Ayesha Dean and the Istanbul Intrigue – This book is set in Turkey while the MC is on holiday there with her friends.

So here are some books that I loved set outside of the UK. All of these books are also diverse books!