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T5W – Books You Like With Tropes You Usually Hate

Hey booknerds! It’s another Top 5 Wednesday post! This is hosted by Sam over on Thoughts on Tomes where you share you top 5 for the chosen topic for that week. You can check out each weeks topic over on Goodreads.

This weeks topic is books you like with tropes you usually hate

So this is an interesting topic and made me really think about the books I love but still have tropes that irritate me! So these are the ones that came to mind:

1 The Wrath and the Dawn – this book has instalove which I usually hate and always makes me not like the book as much but this book is amazing and I am so here for Khalid and Shahrzad!

2 The Infernal Devices – oh how I hate love triangles! But if you’ve read this trilogy you know that there’s no way to actually hate this one! Both Jem and Will are amazing and I literally wanted both of them to be happy! It’s the only love triangle I love!

3 ACOTAR – a beautiful girl who thinks she’s plain, urgh! I hate seeing this because you can clearly tell she is not in fact plain and generally acts really annoying, which Feyre does. I still love the trilogy but I’m not a fan of Feyre.

4 The Mortal Instruments – Unqualified protagonist succeeding where qualified side characters can’t. OMG Clary annoys me throughout this series because she is forever acting like she knows everything about shadowhunters after becoming one for literally 5 minutes.

5 Throne of Glass – They purred. Not sure if this is an actual trope but I cannot deal with all the characters purring in SJM books! Someone purrs on practically every other page. It needs to stop!

As you can see there’s plenty of Cassandra Clare and Sarah J Maas books on this list! I love their books but they definitely include tropes I really hate!

What books do you love but have tropes that you hate? Do you like any of these tropes or are you like me and hate them?