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September Monthly Wrap Up

Well September has been a weird month reading wise, I have been in a weird slump where I want to read but I don’t want to read or I haven’t found the book I want to read. Anyways I have had a mixed reading month.


Here are the books I read this month:

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E Harrow – I really loved the writing, it’s beautifully written but the story moved too slowly for me, which made me bored so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped

Rating: 3/5

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett – I was so excited for this book and it started off really well. It was fast paced and intense and quite terrifying at times but I did feel it start to drag for me in the second half. Overall I did enjoy it though.

Rating: 3/5

Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman – This book is one of my biggest disappoints of the year. How has the authors who wrote the mind blowing Illuminae Files written this?! From the boring, obvious plot to the two dimensional characters and the token diversity it’s a mess. I almost DNFd this book several times.

Rating: 1/5

It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne – I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.

Rating: 3/5

Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa – I was a little disappointed with this sequel. I had really enjoyed Shadow of the Fox and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this as much.

Rating: 3/5

Highfire by Eoin Colfer – Having adored the Artemis Fowl books I knew I had to read Eoin’s adult fantasy book and I was not disappointed! I have not read a book quite like this before and it took me on a wild ride!

Rating: 4.5/5

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson – Wow this book was mind blowing! I had not expected to love this book as much as I did. I was completely hooked from the first chapter and I could not put it down, reading well into the night.

Rating: 5/5

Otherlife by Jason Segal & Kirsten Miller – The last book in an amazing trilogy that had me completely hooked and kept blowing my mind. This book was as amazing as the rest of the books and I really loved how it ended.

Rating: 5/5

Boys Will Be Boys by Clementine Ford – I absolutely loved Fight Like A Girl so I was really looking forward to reading this and it did not disappoint! I had to read it in small sections though as I would get so mad reading it. Not in a bad way, in a ‘I need to tear down the patriarchy’ way. Highly recommend reading this!

Rating: 5/5

The Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt – This book sounded really interesting so when I saw it in the library I just had to borrow it. I really loved the first half, it was really interesting but I did feel it dragged in the second half.

Rating: 3/5

PS. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern – I have not read this book since I was a teen and oh my god I forgot how much I love this book and how much it made me sob.

Rating: 5/5

Furious Thing by Jenny Downham – I was sent this as part of an Instagram tour and I really enjoyed it. It made me so mad for Lexi and how she is manipulated and the emotional and psychological abuse she suffers but I love how much she grows throughout the story

Rating: 3.5/5

Unleashed by Amy McCulloch – I loved the sequel as much as Jinxed. I was completely hooked and could not put it down!

Rating: 5/5

So that’s all the books I read this month. I read some really great ones and some really disappointing ones.

Here are books I reviewed this month:

A Pocketful of Stars by Aisha Bushby
An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
Romanov by Nadine Brandes

I have created a book tag for the Daevabad trilogy that you can all take part in. You can find it here

I also wrote about why I love the Daevabad trilogy and why you should all read it. You can read the blog post here.

So that’s everything this month. I am hoping to go to several book events next month so I am really looking forward to going to them!

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The Sharp Edge Of A Snowflake by Sif Sigmarsdottir – ARC Review

Thank you to Hachette’s Children’s Group and Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book sounded really interesting so I was excited when I got accepted for an arc of this book. Though I do have to say I have mixed opinions about the story.


Rating: 3/5

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Hannah Eiríksdóttir has been banished from her home in London to a place of eternal punishment for the wicked. No, not Hell, but close: Iceland. There, she faces a new life working as a journalist for her father’s newspaper – a man she barely knows.
Imogen Collins has the perfect life as a social media influencer, showing off her glamorous London existence to adoring fans. But behind the filters lies a dark secret. She thought she’d buried it: But the Beast is back – a ghost from her past who’s threatening to ruin her future.
When a man is found murdered at the edge of the road in snowy Iceland the girls’ lives collide. Imogen had the motive. Can Hannah find out the truth and discover the reality of the girl beneath the filters?
Behind perfection often lies unbearable ugliness.

This book sounded so interesting and we got to see the story unfold from both Hannah and Imogen’s point of view. So we get to see more than what the characters around them know. We see how appearances can be deceptive and not everyone is who they seem.

Even though the book seemed like it would be really intriguing I have to admit I was a little bored at times. I had issues with the pacing of the story and felt it dragged in the middle. I also found the different points of view a little confusing to keep track of who’s point of view I was reading at first though it did become clearer as the story went on.

I did really enjoy the setting, it’s set in Iceland and it was really atmospheric and gave that dark vibe that really went with the story. It also sounded really beautiful and made me want to visit even more!

Another thing I really loved was the Instagram posts that were included with the captions. What the captions actually say and what they were actually thinking about when posting it. The difference between what they actually write and what they are thinking and feeling was really great to see. Especially as social media is such a big part of many people, especially young people’s lives. What you post and what you say in your post can be seen by everyone and it makes people want to seem “perfect” at all times in the public.

There was quite a few themes in the story, from effects of social media, ethics of journalism, sexual assault, family and murder being among them. I really liked that they were included and spoken about especially how social media can influence people and the ethics of what journalists write as they are also influencing people’s views. Sexual assault was also a pretty big theme in the story and affected how Imogen was throughout the book and you can see the toll it takes on her yet she is blamed. And you can see the parallels in real life society currently, with everything happening in the media lately.

I did feel however that as the story is pretty short there was a lot of themes covered but not enough time dedicated to delving deeper into them. I wish we had gotten more conversation about the sexual assault and how social media affects people’s lives.

I think my biggest disappointment in the book was the ending. I felt underwhelmed with the ending and who actually turned out to be the murderer. I felt that it came out of nowhere and I just felt a little confused as to why this person decided to murder the man. I wish there was more build up and we got a bit more at the end to explain better the persons motives, especially as we barely see this person throughout the book.

Overall I did enjoy this book and thought there was some interesting themes explored in the book but I was a little disappointed by the ending.

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My most anticipated releases of 2019

Hey booknerds! 2018 is almost over! I can’t believe that this year is already over! I have had a really great reading year and I’ve found some new favourite books! Which of course has meant that I have been waiting for many sequels or books by my favourite authors!

So I wanted to share some of the books I cannot wait to release next year!

1 The Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty – The City of Brass has fast become one of my absolute favourite books ever! I have already read it three times and I’m pretty sure I will read it again before this book is released. I just need to know that the cinnamon roll that is AliZayd is okay!

2 Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin – technically I have already read this book but it’s not released in the UK until March 2019 so I wanted to include it because I absolutely loved this book! Modern Pride and Prejudice retelling with Muslim characters. I fangirled so much over this book!

3 On The Come Up by Angie Thomas – The Hate U Give is amazing so I’m really looking forward to reading this book!

4 King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo – I cannot wait to be back in the grishaverse! I love Nikolai so I cannot wait to read his story!

5 It’s Not About the Burqa by Mariam – ever since I heard about this book I have been so interested in reading it. It’s something that affects me in my daily life so I can’t wait to see what they include.

6 Dark Age by Pierce Brown – this is the series that will destroy me and I love it!

7 Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus – I loved One of us is Lying so I’m really looking forward to this! I’ve already heard such great things!

8 Queen of Ruin by Tracy Banghart – after that cliffhanger ending of Grace and Fury I have been dying for the sequel! I seriously cannot wait for this book to be released even though it won’t be out until the summer.

9 The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh – I have loved everything that Renee has written so I cannot wait to read this! I’m expecting to meet a new book boyfriend too.

10 Kick the Moon by Muhammad Khan – I read I am Thunder at the beginning of the year and I really enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to his next book too.

11 Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon – I mean who isn’t excited about this book? I love The Bone Season series so I am hoping I love this just as much. I have heard nothing but amazing things about it.

12 The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare – we finally get a Malec story! They are my faves so I’m really looking forward to reading this!

13 We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal – Probably most anticipated book for next year! I am so excited to see a Muslim woman in niqab be published and everything I’ve read and seen so far tells me I am going to love this book!

So these are the book I absolutely cannot wait to be released next year! Let me know some of yours! I mean my TBR is clearly not big enough (spoiler: it is!) so I can add more books that I should look out for!

Monthly Wrap Up

August Monthly Wrap Up

Hey booknerds! Another month is over! So that means it’s time for a wrap up. This month has been crazy busy for me with my family staying over and me going to my parents and it’s wedding season so with so much going on my reading has been neglected and so has my blog. But I will be a lot more active next month! And also why this wrap up post is super late!

So I think because I have been so busy I think my enjoyment of what I read has also been affected. I felt like I wasn’t able to enjoy the books as much as usual. Although I did read a few books I really loved.


But here is what I did read this month:

1 A Treasury of Ghazali by Abu Hamid Ghazali – I read this book slowly over a few month as it’s a book to read and reflect and I really did enjoy this book.

2 Jinxed by Amy McCulloch – I picked this up at a book event and I absolutely loved it! It is such an interesting story and I adored the characters. You can read my full spoiler free review here

3 Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi – I enjoyed this book a lot more than Shatter Me so i’m looking forward to continuing the series.

4 The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon – This is a reread as part of a readalong and I really loved being back in this world

5 Cress by Marissa Meyer – This was a reread via audiobook and I loved it even more the second time around!

6 The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green – I got an ARC of this in an illumicrate box and I’m so glad they included it! I really enjoyed the book and I’m excited to read the next one! You can read my full spoiler free review here

7 The Golden Child by Wendy James – this is such a thought provoking book! I really enjoyed reading it and I highly recommend picking it up. The story is about bullying amongst children. You can read my spoiler free review here

8 Moonrise by Sarah Crossan – This book was a quick read but I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as other people. I think partly due to the way it was written.

9 Sea Witch by Sarah Henning – I had heard a lot about this book before it was released so I was excited to read it and I really loved it!

10 Fairest by Marissa Meyer – another reread via audiobook and I just loved it! Levana’s backstory is so interesting and I really enjoyed hearing it again

11 A Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan – A story based on King Midas and has pirate adventures?! I seriously needed to read this book! And I really loved it! I really loved the characters and the story!

I also DNFd Mister Monday by Garth Nix as I just could not get into the story at all. I didn’t find it interesting and just made me feel slumpy so I gave up.

So here are all the books I read in august! Let me know if you read any of these and what you thought!

I also posted a review of:

The Map of Salt and Stars by Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar. You can read the spoiler free review here