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Bookish Pet Peeves

I know all booknerds have pet peeves when it comes to books so I thought I would share mine because sometimes I just want to scream when I see them!

1 Cover changes mid series – This makes my perfectionist heart so unhappy. I just want my covers to match is that too much to ask?! I hate how they look when the covers don’t match!

2 When books in the same series aren’t the same height – Look if you’re going to change the covers at least keep the books the same height! Why must the height of the book be changed?! I need them all level on my shelves or I am perpetually irritated every time I look at them sitting there uneven on my sheves!

3 The first book is released in hardback and the rest in paperback – Please stop doing. My heart can’t cope with the distress it causes me

4 ‘Stickers’ on books – You know the kind, the one that looks like a sticker but is actually permanently on the book. Those fake stickers are the worst. In fact all stickers should be banned from books because the stress of trying to take one off a book without running it is real

5 When someone (my husband) decides to talk to you as soon as you start reading – It’s worse when I’ve been chilling with them and they don’t say anything and then as soon as I start reading they (he) HAS to have some lengthy discussion

6 Spoilers – Look I know if the book is several years old there will inevitably be spoilers but for the love of god stop posting spoilers of books that have literally been out for a day

Anyways these are my bookish pet peeves! Writing this post was more cathartic than I thought it would be. Tell me some of your bookish pet peeves!