Places I Would Love To Travel To

One of the things I discussed with my husband before getting married was that I wanted to travel. I wanted to see the world and experience different cultures and see historic places.

But because I grew up in quite a big family, holidays were always way to expensive for us growing up so I’ve only been on holiday a few times in my life and it has made me want to travel even more!

I am a huge history nerd so for me a holiday is going exploring and discovering the history of the place we travelled to. The worst type of holiday for me is one where I sit by the beach, I would get insanely bored and drive my husband crazy. Trust me, we tried that for one of the days we were on holiday and lets just say it was a stressful experience.

Due to my husband being at university soon after we got married we had to put travelling on hold but now that he has graduated and started working we have finally been able to discuss where to go and I am SO EXCITED!

Honestly there are so many places I want to see and things I want to do I am having a difficult time trying to figure out where to go, though our first one will probably be in Europe somewhere.

So I thought I would talk about some of the places I want to visit one day and share my excitement with all of you!

I have always wanted to travel to Italy and Greece because they are so rich in history! I have spent a weekend in Athens a few years ago and honestly it was the best holiday ever! I saw all the historical places and everything was so beautiful. I cannot wait to go to Italy and visit all the historical places there.

I also want to go to Guatemala and Peru. I want to do the trek to Machu Picchu and visit the Mayan city. I want to go to Jordan to go to Petra and see those amazing buildings built into the mountains. I want to visit Egypt and see the pyramids and all the ancient Egyptian artefacts and history.

I want to visit China to walk on the great wall of China and learn more about it. I want to go to Spain and visit Andalusia and see the amazing architecture and history. I want to go to Morocco to see the oldest University. The list is endless and I could goon for ages!

A lot of these places a filled with history of the Islamic world and it’s always what has fascinated me most. Being Muslim means I have learnt a lot about these as they mentioned in the Quran and also reading history books written about the Islamic world so I want to experience these places in real.

I know that going to some of these places with the current climate may not be possible and my health conditions may prevent me from doing some of the more strenuous things like the hiking up the mountains but that won’t stop me from dreaming!

Do you like travel? Where would you love to visit? Have you been to any of these places?

Top 5 Wednesdays

Top 5 Wednesday – Road Trip Books

Hey booknerds! It’s another Top 5 Wednesday post! This is hosted by Sam over on Thoughts on Tomes where you share you top 5 for the chosen topic for that week. You can check out each weeks topic over on Goodreads.

This weeks topic is Road trip books. So today I’m going to be discuss books that feature road trips!

So I’m personally not someone that enjoys road trips, mainly because I have really bad motion sickness so I will sleep the entire journey unless I’m driving!

So anyways back to books that feature road trips. I’m going to use road trip loosely as I haven’t read many books that directly feature a road trip.

So the books I chose are:

The Hobbit – okay come on Bilbo goes on an adventure! This is what road trips are for right?!

The Travelling Cat Chronicles – So this one actually does feature a road trip! If you haven’t read it then you seriously need to! It’s a beautiful story and one of my favourite books this year!

Map of Salt and Stars – The story features both the main characters travelling between several countries, Nour because she becomes a refugee and Rawiya because she becomes an apprentice to a map maker.

His Dark Materials – So Lyra travels between worlds, that counts as a road trip right?!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – In each book the trio travel to different places to fulfil the quest they have been given.

So these are my road trip books!

Do you enjoy road trips? Have you been on a road trip before?

Let me know in the comments!