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Top 5 Wednesday – Future Classics

Hey booknerds! It’s another Top 5 Wednesday post! This is hosted by Sam over on Thoughts on Tomes where you share you top 5 for the chosen topic for that week. You can check out each weeks topic over on Goodreads.

This weeks topic is Future Classics. Books that I think will stand the test of time.

Okay so this is a really interesting topic! It really made me think about books that have released over recent years and which I think will last past the hype.

So these are the ones I decided on:

Harry Potter series – pretty sure that these will be remembered and read for a very long time! I know I will be passing on my love for these books onto future generations.

Percy Jackson series – I think these will become great children’s classics! They have a great story and such amazing diversity that I think many, many kids will be able to relate to.

The Hate U Give – So this book has become wildly popular and rightly so! It’s a book that’s much needed and reflects society and I think we will be hearing about this for a very long time.

His Dark Materials trilogy – This book is still hugely popular 20 years later and I loved these books as a kid.

The Hunger Games trilogy – I think these books will still be read in many years times and people will be able to relate to and be inspired by them.

So these are the top 5 books I think will become future classics!

Do you agree with any of these? What books do you think will become future classics? Let me know in the comments!