Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Books To Cheer You Up

This weeks Friday Favourites is books to cheer you up and honestly right now we could all do with some cheering up so here are some of my favourite books that will leave you with a big smile on your face!

So here the books that you should read to give you that serotonin boost!

Love From A To Z by S.K. Ali

Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin

Ayesha Dean and the Istanbul Intrigue by Melati Lum

My So Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma

The Once Upon a Con Series by Ashley Poston

There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon

That Can Be Arranged by Huda Fahmy

Once Upon an Eid Edited by Aisha Saeed and S.K. Ali

She Wore Red Trainers by Naima B Robert

Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

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