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Netflix Adapts Daevabad – (I Hope)

Earlier this week, Shannon caused my world to stop spinning when she shared the news that Netflix are developing The City of Brass trilogy into a show. As you can imagine I absolutely lost it. I spent a very unproductive afternoon screaming about this on the potato heads discord and also on my twitter.


I am simultaneously excited and terrified about this though. I mean I know that it may never actually make it to actually becoming a show BUT if it does, will they do the books justice?

I need them to cast the characters properly, I don’t want any whitewashing of the characters and the characters are all different ethnicities that I really hope they get it right. Alizayd and Zaynab are Somali, Muntadhir is arab, Jamshid and Dara are Persian and that’s not even including all the other tribes who come from all over the world. Please, please, please get it right Netflix. I will absolutely riot if they don’t.

But Shannon has said that if this show gets made she will be involved in it so at least I can breathe a little easier now.

And just imagine if they get it right, it would be absolutely stunning and a show of epic proportions! The stunning scenery, the beautiful outfits, the delicious food, omg I am going to sob my way through that first episode.

Speaking of first episodes, the first chapter opens with the fajr adhaan and Nahri in a black abaya! I am actually going to cry if they open with that. And Ali’s first chapter is him praying fajr too and I will finally get to see a YOUNG PRACTICING MUSLIM WHO FIGHTS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE on screen. ON SCREEN. Just the thought of seeing that is making me sob. Can you imagine all those young Muslim boys who will watch this and see a practicing Muslim man who is also the hero and that they aren’t mutually exclusive?!

I have such high hopes for this show, please Netflix don’t disappoint me. I will come for you all if you mess this up!

There are so many scenes I am so excited about seeing from the royal library with the librarians on their magic carpets to Ali and Nahri studying and geeking out in the library. The scene with Ghassan and Ali (chapter 17) which was INTENSE and just imagining that scene is going to be amazing. Also when Nahri first summons Dara and she realises that maybe Yaqub was right and she should have listened to him. There is just so so much I want to see in this show.

I could actually see all my favourite characters come to life! There will be a theme song there will be new fans and it could mean that so many more people could pick up this absolutely phenomenal trilogy to read the source material.

This book means so much to me on so many levels and being able to see it on screen, a fantasy that has a middle eastern setting that has people of colour as the main characters, that shows Muslims as the heroes. It could be everything and more and I hope it gets the justice and hype it absolutely deserves.

7 thoughts on “Netflix Adapts Daevabad – (I Hope)”

  1. YES to everything you wrote! I still can’t believe we’ll be getting positive Muslim rep in a show that so many people will watch! 😭💖
    I feel like it’s so important after all the media (including movies and tv series) that portray Muslims negatively. And I will forever be grateful to Shannon, a Muslim author herself, for making this happen!
    And of course, I can’t wait to see my fave characters onscreen! And yes yes yes, casting them accurately is something they need to pay attention to. Knowing that Shannon will be involved definitely reassured me on that. 💖

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  2. I hope the show is just what you imagine it could be! I’d love to see this world on screen but I need them to capture the magic of what makes the books special too.

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