2019 Round Up, Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – My Favourite (Non-Fiction) Reads of 2019

This is hosted by Something of the Book who created this tag out of a love for lists. There are different topics for us all to be able to take part and you can find the prompts here.  There isn’t a specific number of favourites so it’s entirely up to you how many you share.

I’m going to be sharing my top 10 non fiction reads of the year. I have read so many amazing books so I thought I would split the books between fiction and non fiction.

All of the books I’m sharing on here are one’s that not only were they interesting and insightful but have impacted my life this past year. Some have reignited my passions for speaking up about female empowerment. Some have helped me with my faith. And some have made me, a brown Muslim woman in a hijab, feel seen and heard. So they all mean a lot to me.

So in no particular order, here are my top 10 non-fiction reads of 2019:


It’s Not About the Burqa edited by Mariam Khan – I loved this book so much! I hope we see more of these type of books being published. You can read my review here


Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman – Imam Omar is one of my favourite Islamic teachers and so I knew I had to read his book and it was phenomenal. This is a book I will come back to time and time again. You can read my review here


The Hormone Diaries by Hannah Witton – There was so many things I learnt from reading this book! It’s easy to read and one that you can read different sections at different times depending on what’s relevant for you at the time.


Fight Like A Girl by Clementine Ford – I had been meaning to read this for a long time and I’m so glad I finally did. It was a really great read and had me pumped! You can read my review here


I Will Not Be Erased by Gal-Dem – I loved the essays in this book! It made me realise that I wasn’t alone in feeling not quite like I belonged at times growing up. You can read my review here


Yes I’m Hot in This by Huda Fahmy – I love her comics that she shares on Instagram so when I saw she was releasing a book I knew I had to buy it. It was absolutely hilarious and so relatable! I love flicking through different pages.


A History of Islam in 21 Women by Hossein Kamaly – I was so excited to see a book filled with Muslim women and their amazing achievements! I really loved reading through it. You can read my review here


Boys Will Be Boys by Clementine Ford – After reading Fight Like A Girl I knew I had to read this book. It deals with toxic masculinity and the patriarchy and how it is damaging to both women and men. It is a really great book and one that is much needed. You can read my review here


Love and Happiness by Yasmin Mogahed – One of my favourite Islamic teachers, who’s teachings and books have helped me through some really difficult times. I highly recommend this book and her other book, Reclaim Your Heart, to just read a few pages at a time as it’s full of short words of wisdom.


Light Upon Light by Nur Fadhilah Wahid – I really enjoyed reading through her short reflections and found most of them very relatable. You can read my review here


So these are my favourite non-fiction books. What was your favourite non-fiction books? What type of non-fiction do you enjoy reading?

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