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The Outcast Book Review

Recently I took part in the summoner book club on twitter hosted by @teambkmrk and I was lucky enough to win a proof of The Outcast, which is the prequel to the Summoner trilogy by Taran Matharu.

I have been wanting to read these books for ages so when I found out that The Novice was one of the world book day books I thought it would be the perfect time to read these books. And I loved the trilogy and The Outcast was amazing too!
Basically I’ve fallen in love with these books and you all need to read them! The Outcast is a prequel but I am glad I read the trilogy first.

The Outcast is releasing in the UK on May 3rd so you still have time to pre-order the book! Read on for my review!


As I’ve already said I loved this book! It was great to be back in this world and get to see some of the adult characters in the trilogy as teenagers. Like the trilogy the book is fast paced and totally engrossing. I loved the world building, the friendships and the fierce female characters that we get to see.

At the beginning of the story we see the main character Arcturus, who is a commoner, accidently summon a demon and discovering that he is a summoner, which until then is only an ability that nobles have. Because of his ability the king decides to send him Vocans academy to train him as a summoner.

Arcturus is kind and brave and I loved reading this book from his point of view. His demon, Sacharissa is one of my favourite characters! She’s loyal and protective of Arcturus and goes above and beyond to help and protect him. She is absolutely adorable! I loved the relationship between her and Arcturus.

This book deals with the social divide in society where the wealthy (nobles) think they are superior to the commoners. We do get to see that not all nobles are like this and Alice and Elaine are definitely my favourites! Elaine especially is probably one of my favourite characters throughout all the books. I loved how protective Arcturus was over Elaine but we also got to see that she is strong and brave and can take care of herself.

As I said before one of the main themes throughout these books is friendship and The Outcast was no exception. It was the love of their friends that spurred the characters on to keep fighting to not give up. There isn’t much emphasis on couples and I loved that about these books. We see glimpses of it but the platonic friendships are much more emphasised.

There is so much more I want to say! But I want to keep this spoiler free so that is all for now. But if anyone has read these books do comment and let me know what you thought!

Rating: 5/5


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